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General Conditions of Rental

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Article 1) These general conditions govern the rental of materials and equipment for the performance of catering and related activities on the part of Giagoni Services S.r.l. for all its clients.

Article 2) Giagoni Services S.r.l., having full ownership, grants to the client for the agreed price and duration, the rental of the material in perfect working condition and state of repair, for the performance of catering and related activities;


The order shall not be valid until Giagoni Services S.r.l. has received said order signed for acceptance together with the General Conditions of Rental; this should be sent by email to: eventi@giagonicatering.it. The completion of the confirmation process shall be payment of 50 % of the amount resulting from the order as a deposit, in the following methods:

  • Bank transfer in favour of Giagoni Services Srl., – Banca Popolare di Novara – Abbiadori branch –
    07021 Arzachena (OT) Iban IT39K0503484900000000001418 – Swift code BAPPIT21P77 in favour of Giagoni Services S.r.l.,
  • Cheque made out to Giagoni Services S.r.l.

The balance shall be due before discharge of the equipment, by cheque or by POS payment by credit card or by bank transfer. Where the latter solution is chosen, the transfer must be performed at least 5 working days prior to the event to be able to ensure that it has been credited to the account.

The client must issue a deposit cheque made out to Giagoni Services S.r.l. for an amount communicated to him/her by Giagoni Services S.r.l. based on the latter’s indisputable risk assessment during the order definition phase.

Following return of the equipment to the warehouse of Giagoni Services S.r.l., cleaning and the discovery of any missing/broken items, the client shall be requested to check for any equipment inadvertently left in place at the event venue; should these be returned to Giagoni Services Srl., the client shall not be charged.

A debit note shall then be issued.

The deposit cheque shall be returned to the client who shall issue a cheque for the amount of the debit note.

Article 4) Giagoni Services S.r.l. shall provide material to the client that is clean and packed in appropriate packaging;

Article 5) The client must return said material on the agreed date, in good repair (excepting normal wear and tear), without cleaning it, but said material must be carefully re-packaged in the appropriate containers as per the previous Article 4) and according to the same methods by which it was delivered;

Article 6) If the client does not return the unclean material packaged as set forth in the previous Article 5), he/she shall be obligated to pay Giagoni Services S.r.l. a penalty of 15 % of the total price agreed;

Article 7) The client is obligated to check, no later than two hours after delivery, if the material is suitable for the requested use; after the expiry of two hours after delivery, the client shall lose the right to make any challenge in this regard.

Article 8) For this purpose, at the moment of delivery and unloading of the goods, a responsible party of the client should always be present.

Article 9) At the point of delivery of the material, the invoice and a form for the inventory of the returned items and any breakages or loss shall be delivered to said responsible party.

Article 10) At the time the goods are returned, the client must return the form as per the previous Article 9) from which it should be evident that all delivered goods are returned in full or, failing this, which goods have not been returned due to loss or breakage; an employee of Giagoni Services S.r.l. should therefore verify if the goods listed in the form correspond to those contained in the packages, at the time of return, who shall countersign, together with the client, said form which shall be considered binding between the parties in this regard.
All items must be returned on the agreed date; if this does not occur, Giagoni Services S.r.l. shall apply the daily rental tariff determined by said company as loss of income.

Article 11) In case of broken and/or lost goods, the client shall be obligated to inform Giagoni Services S.r.l. of the price of repurchasing said goods;

Article 12) If the client does not return the return inventory form duly completed as per the previous Article 9), duly signed both by a responsible party of the client and a responsible party of Giagoni Services S.r.l., Giagoni Services S.r.l. shall have the right to communicate which materials have been broken, with the resulting right to demand the full price of said item as set forth in the previous Article 11) resulting in the client forfeiting any dispute in this regard;

Article 13) Giagoni Services S.r.l. shall not be liable for any cancellation of the order due to weather events or other events for which it cannot be held responsible.

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